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Put your hands up (Remix)

from by JXD





JXD , you better roll your sleeves up for this one
Hold up young buck, pace yourself
slow your roll before hurt yourself, uh
Step back, take a sip on that crown and up
Listen to the bass, hear that kick drum thump
Now we got our mind right, the night is young, weekends just started baby, get your party on
Bells and whistles, man I’m wearing it, I got my twenty dollar shirt on and girls are still feeling it
Bartenders are pouring stiff, pretend I’m a baller and leave a big tip
this ain’t for critical masses, this is for the hip hop lovers, O Ten we coming at ya.
and if you can’t keep up with this, you’re out of shape, too late, you should have had a V8 instead of cake
Girls with the money makers show em how we get down, this is your time to shine tell your man buy another round

Me and my crew, watch how we do . . . put your hands up and follow me
Ladies and the Gents, trying to cop a ten . . . put your hands up and follow JXD
Girls and the G’s, pimps and the geeks . . . put your hands up and follow me
breakers and the thugs, time to cut it up. . . put your hands up and follow JXD

Check out we do, our flavor is high grade, we’re a 100 percent pure like a glass of minute maid
Sharp as a blade, cool hands like Luke
As real as it gets, check the Cert of proof
And if the DJ runs out of music don’t worry cous’
I’ll stretch the beat out like MR fantastic would
So let the music take ya, let it marinate ya, forget about the work bomb, let it detonate ya
And All you VIPS behind the velvet rope, get on the dance floor- kick it with “normies” have a rum and coke
See how we cope, laugh and joke
This ain’t random, this is music for you heart, mind and soul
So find that chump with his hands down, grab a sock, smack em like you Homie D. Clown
Tell em we don’t mess around, this is serious now, don’t put your hands down till you sleep laying down . . . .what


(Well now normally I don’t do this, but uh . . . go ahead and keep the party going)

J. J. J X D.
J. J. J X X D


from The coolest nerd you know, released December 7, 2010
Produced and Mixed by: JXD
Performed by: JXD
Written by: JXD
Software/Samples: NI Kontakt, Goldbaby Productions,
Drumwerks, FL Studio, Cockos Reaper, Voxengo
Published by: jxdlab


all rights reserved



JXD Texas

The son of a former jazz drummer, JXD was born in Southern California and raised in and around Portland, Oregon. He discovered his love for writing and music in his twenties, and after going to college for Electronic Engineering in Chicago, IL, he moved back to California for work, but combined his two passions and now produces hip hop music as well as writes fiction.

"The coolest nerd you know"
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