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Keep Grindin'

by JXD

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Music for motivation


It’s JXD . . .

The definition
The definition is,
To keep pushing forward
When you desperately want to quit

Check it!

A quiet brotha but a spokesman on the mic
nicked and bruised fightin’ for my dreams but this kid is alright
Trust me, i can definitely relate, dodgin’ the roadblocks is the preferred way, but that path is crowded ends in disgrace
cold dark and quiet like the vacuum of space
ashes to ashes, pride burned by the sun
the phoenix has risen, this story has just begun
Stop livin’ downward dog move into warrior one
Take my battles one at a time, the war is never won
Like a shogun, bow to no one
your attitude is the catalyst, the spark to the fuse
When the powder ignites, you'll never lose pick a muse, look for inspiration, wherever it lies
keep fightin’ and your bright spirit will never die
like a true hero, uh, keep grindin’

When the bills are pillin’ up and you wanna give up, don't you dare fall back man KEEP GRINDIN'
When your hopes and dreams are a mystery, don't you dare relapse, kid keep grindin
when your house is foreclosed --the kids are exposed, don't you dare step out, miss, KEEP GRINDIN'
When your faith is gone and life feels like an empty tomb, friends KEEP ON GRINDIN'

I heard prep and hard work meet the intersection of Luck
Why? ‘cause there’s no luck delivery truck
An idiot says “what”, a smart man keeps his mouth shut and keeps on truckin’
I’m not frontin’. The great divide to survive. The poor pushed from the mountain tops but refuse to fall.
The rest pulled by the government rickshaw
Ask Marvin G, what’s goin’ on
Where did we go wrong? When the going gets tough I thought we keep pushin’ on
Am I wrong? Did we take a U-turn into a new dimension where our heart is gone?
The clock is tickin’ and it won’t be long
Until the candle goes out and we have no light to shine in this darkest cave
Even kids know this is no way to behave
Grab your gear buck up, it’s time to find our way
Keep grindin’ until a change is made

When your on the 1yd line- runnin' outta time, don’t you dare quit player, keep on grindin'
When you back’s against the rope and your eyes are half closed call your cut man and keep on grindin'.
When the man is on your back and won’t cut you slack, don’t you dare take that, uh, keep grindin'
When you’re all alone and fear is knockin’ at your door, fear nevermore . . . keep grindin'

The cliché is no pain no gain, I rather walk across the world than be stuck in the same lane
I'm insane?, you're doing the same thing expectin’ change.
When did ignorance become part of the pimp game?
I'm done with this. I don't wanna hear from the pessimist.
Your mindset is contagious, born of laziness
Be careful when you're crankin’ this
The haters will defame it, contain it and claim it's brainless
Walking dead in endless mazes, run amuck and be a game changer
Laugh at danger, dare to be different

Where would we be now if Martin L and Susan B gave up?
What world would we live in if Einstein and the revolutionaries ran and ducked?

Would you drink from the same water fountain near your home?
Would you be a boss with a skirt on at the savings and loan?
Would we have the energy equation?
Would your taxes be with Queen over seas on the thrown?
Some things to think about when you're sittin’ at home
Are you a mover and a shaker or just mindless drone?
I can't condone
Keep movin’ for our sake, Keep grindin’ on
Our time on this world is a very short one
And when I dead and gone, and their speakin’ the eulogy I rather be called a hard workin’ fool than intelligent dead beat
Call me two time loser or a mindless one,
Regardless of the name, I'll I keep grindin’ on



released October 9, 2011
“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”
― Confucius, Confucius


all rights reserved



JXD Texas

The son of a former jazz drummer, JXD was born in Southern California and raised in and around Portland, Oregon. He discovered his love for writing and music in his twenties, and after going to college for Electronic Engineering in Chicago, IL, he moved back to California for work, but combined his two passions and now produces hip hop music as well as writes fiction.

"The coolest nerd you know"
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