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JXD, Danielle Marie - JXD The Last Mindbender Book 3 (feat. Danielle Marie)

from by JXD

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The third and final track of the Last Mindbender songs. Listen to the first two on "The coolest nerd you know" album : getmusic.jxdlab.com/album/the-coolest-nerd-you-know


Woke up in a nightmare a damned man's vision
it wasn't the ghost of past or present
It was despair
said I couldn't wake until three answers I had given
a little boy asked me why his dad was missin'
tears raced down his cheek jealous of his other friends, it was father son week
He tugged on my shirt and asked me why I wouldn't tell him
I said I couldn't explain another man's motivation
but your setback is your greatest strength in a world of degradation
the walls your facin', use them for your benefit
convert it to energy for the life your facin', kid
rally your emotional troops
create one nation, Realize A mans free will directly effects the world around him and use that knowledge when your older and don't make the same mistake that haunts you now
dry your eyes



A little senorita with cute berets and dimples even sweeter
tears trickle down from her chin to her sneakers
she asked me why other girls chose to deceive her
why they poked and teased for no reason
did she do something wrong to deserve this treatment
I sighed and said, I can't explain their shun, but I know I've belittled others to reload my self esteem gun
but in the long run it helped little to none
our sunshine is in our own sun.
Ignore what they say and change your mind-state, hun.
Block the comments they bestow, convert it to a motivational one
because in the end, this world may hate you, but it's your decision to run your own life
enjoy the life your maker gave you
Stop throwin' away dollars and cents tryin' to buy their love, save it in your own bank because you'll need that life currency when retirement comes
uh, dry your eyes


The next one came direct, his concerns and troubles came like a verbal threat
he wiped his face quickly to hide his eyes were wet
I slit my wrist and drink to help me think
My sis committed suicide, my brothers in prison, my mom's strung out or dead, haven't seen here since last Christmas
My pops is a alcy and I think my fate is made.
What is my motivation in a life of decay?
Speechless, I didn't know what to say
This horror isn't over until an honest answer is made
Chaos, can't make a decision.
not your fault they failed you, a terrible condition
no one would blame you if you gave up
but your choices are not made until you make em
chances, take em, setbacks are just a shortcut to something amazing
and when they say you're hopeless, your life is mess, use that chip on your shoulder to overcome the rest
put that S on your chest and show them that your mind is ruthless because in the beginning you had nothing to lose, beggars don't choose, they just make moves until the end is nigh
but until that day comes, keep reachin' for the sky
dry you eyes



from N3RD Dreamin, released February 5, 2013


all rights reserved



JXD Texas

The son of a former jazz drummer, JXD was born in Southern California and raised in and around Portland, Oregon. He discovered his love for writing and music in his twenties, and after going to college for Electronic Engineering in Chicago, IL, he moved back to California for work, but combined his two passions and now produces hip hop music as well as writes fiction.

"The coolest nerd you know"
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