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C​-​E​-​N​-​T​-​U​-​R​-​Y​(​class of 2000)

by JXD

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Ten year high school reunion is this week. Can't make it back to Portland right now, but I wanted to give my old HS some love and go down memory lane for a minute.


Can you believe it's been ten years? . . . amazing

This is not rap, this musical poetry
courtesy of a grad from century
This is my dissertation
of what makes a high school a small nation
for my friends and colleagues, and the dearly departed
Grads from two triple O, this is how it started
Let me take you down memory lane, a few years before Y2K.
fam' moved to a-l-to the -o-h-a
my home life was a mess, what can i say
I'm sure others were dealing with the same thing
Summers over, no rest for the weary
doors open for the first time, century High was MJ style, a pretty young thang
Brand new from the desk to the walls
Eat your heart out Hill High, it sparkles when we walk
Short time before we realized our fate
it's S, to the triple D. Same drama, different day
High school is high school no matter the place
feel the pressure looking like a fool in front of the school is a heavy burden bear
Try to be yourself while still in the curve makes you wanna swear
Some got teased from the start date, some focused on school for intelligences' sake. some played sports, probably got em their first date.
Some were outta style, rocking skinny jeans before they were cool, schoolmates askin, "why your jeans so tight, fool"
but Gangstas now are rockin em too, shoulda trademarked it, geeks woulda been rich sayin' "jokes on you"
Funny how fads come and go, thought we were so cool, double air quotes
But along with the stress comes happiness
The friends that have your back no matter the test. The ones that gave you love, others were gone in the wind
that's when you knew high school is only the beginning
what you learned in the young days stuck with you. Teachers that made you laugh, showed you some were cool
Kid in the back of the room we called the class clown, got D's but turned your bad day around and made you smile
That special kiss by the lockers that put your soul at rest
That piece of advice your wrote down and keep on your desk
High school was just a prep for life's real test. Look back at things you did wrong, opportunities you missed because of selfishness. But you live and learn.
Those moments as a Jag I would trade for nothin'. Glasses up, cheers, to my Century brethren.

if you remember this, sing along with me

--Century Fight Song--
Hail, hail to thee Century
Home of the Jaguars
We pledge our loyalty
Forever we're true
We'll show our pride In the black and teal
Fight on with fire and zeal
Always striving In your light guiding
Hear us roar
C-E-N-T-U-R-Y, Century High
Always will be true to thee
Claw for a victory
Striving ever, yielding never
Hear us Roar!


released August 10, 2010
Composed and Written by JXD


all rights reserved



JXD Texas

The son of a former jazz drummer, JXD was born in Southern California and raised in and around Portland, Oregon. He discovered his love for writing and music in his twenties, and after going to college for Electronic Engineering in Chicago, IL, he moved back to California for work, but combined his two passions and now produces hip hop music as well as writes fiction.

"The coolest nerd you know"
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