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The coolest nerd you know

by JXD

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    Debut album . . . a fusion of hip-hop, jazz, nerdcore, and electronic music mixed with humor and meaningful lyrics from the soul, heart, and mind. **NAME YOUR OWN PRICE** Also available on iTunes, Amazon.

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Thanks for checking out my debut album! Since it's my first album I wanted it to really reflect who I am since I'm completely unknown in the industry. The tracks are separated in three categories: Soul, heart, and mind. With that concept, I picked tracks that I felt reflected who I am and my style as a producer and a writer. Yes, my music is all over the place, but that is truly how I am. I love hip-hop, jazz, classical, electronic, and many other genres that don't seem to fit together.

Now you're probably asking why did a twenty-eight year old with a degree in electronic engineering move into the hip-hop scene? I don't have an answer; it's just something you feel. It's like asking someone why they love someone. Sometimes it's just a certain connection. Only problem is, unlike becoming a doctor or lawyer, there is no direct path to becoming a “hip-hop producer/writer/engineer.” You can go to school and learn some of it, but I'm sure there are people out there with audio engineering degrees that don't know jack about hip-hop . Being a producer is much more than just making instrumentals. You have to see the bigger picture of a project. Unfortunately it’s hard to connect with people you can learn from either because they don't have time or they don't want share their secrets without getting paid for it. Completely understandable from my point of view but that didn't help me, so I said, “I'm doin' me! I'll learn as I go.” I still have much to learn, but I knew I had enough skills to move forward after working on music for several years. I told myself I would learn the process from doing my own album. For “The coolest nerd you know”, I produced every track, wrote lyrics for 95% of the songs, performed on every track, and mixed every song from start to finish. The process included many long sleepless nights filled with frustration while holding down a day job as an electronic engineer but the reward was worth it. I've learned so much from this process.

Along with learning, I wanted to put my music out there so I could connect with other artist and producers because one thing I'm sure of is “Game recognizes game.” For those that aren't familiar with the slang, it means “Talent recognizes other talent.” I figured if I kept working hard and put my work out there, if someone in the industry feels like my music has merit, they will seek me out and want to collaborate. If not, that's fine; I'll just keep on moving forward. With that said, there are several things I would have done differently, but overall I'm happy with the production and I hope you are, too. Now go listen to “The coolest nerd you know” and tell your friends!

JXD aka the coolest nerd you know


released December 7, 2010

The Digital Album version includes PDF album booklet with all credits and lyrics. If you buy the CD version, you're entitled to a free digital version as well.


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JXD Texas

The son of a former jazz drummer, JXD was born in Southern California and raised in and around Portland, Oregon. He discovered his love for writing and music in his twenties, and after going to college for Electronic Engineering in Chicago, IL, he moved back to California for work, but combined his two passions and now produces hip hop music as well as writes fiction.

"The coolest nerd you know"
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Track Name: Now you know me
(Follow the bouncing bass)
This is me. JXD
(Follow the bouncing bass)

Let me introduce myself kids
I’m JXD. No one precedes me
Herbs n spices, original recipe,

LYNWOOD’s the city, CA’s the state
Born in 80’s, little shorty, life was great (They’re great!)
Pops moved us off the block when it started gettin’ hot
Up to P-town, country bumpkin, nerdy jock
Cap and gown done, off to the Chi
Making my rounds and living my life
College done, too cold, back to SC for that Cali state of mind,
got back on my grind, gotta love sunshine, that’s how I’m spending my dimes and time
Not gansta, But I’m OC thug
That’s right, land of fake tig ol’ bitties, come get some (whatever)
Enginneer by day, producer at night.
Not a super hero, but I’ll stand up for what’s right

This is JXD, ya don’t know me
on the M I C, now ya know me
On the breaks and beats, now we’re homies
Just tryin to do my thang, it’s all good


J – X – D lab. Com Shameless plug,
I’m moving on
They say you ain’t hood, you ain’t street
Since when was that prerequisite for making beats
I’m not a mad rapper or a dope MC,
But nobody would collab’ so I’m doing my own thing.
The coolest nerd you know, aka JXD
Looks used to make a brotha uneasy, now they don’t phase me
They already cast me as weird and crazy so I may as well act the part until the last scene
I treat music like a godfather movie,
I drop the beat like the gun and take the Mic Cannoli
And just so you know G, I bypass the attack so you limiters can’t hold me
Fresh like laundry but you can’t fold me
Wanna make something timeless like the golden oldies
Want you nodding your head matching the floetry
Want you cranking your speakers feel it in heartbeat
So if you need some sick lyrics or a dope beat
Don’t be shy little birdy, just give me a tweet.


This is JXD, Now you know me
Stop acting all shy
Now where’s my violin section at?
Track Name: Shake it up (feat Danielle Marie and Mia)
Hey Mia. What do you want them to do?
Shake it baby.
JXD, Danielle Marie, Mia
Ladies and gentlemen, we interrupt this program to bring
you important news
If you’re layin’ in the cut, stand on up
If your cruising in your whip turn your speakers up
And if your up in the club, put your hands on up
If your sittin’ at work, sing along while doin’ paperwork
food for thought, encourage your train of thought
don’t want your brain rot, lady’s i gotcha stocked
stuck in a rut, This is 4 wheel deluxe
The big dog is here, don’t worry young pups
I’m the redundant assassin here to mix it up
I’m the charm with the leprechaun bringing ya luck
Put the classics in the attic for a spell, rock the new hotness;
it's got that new car smell
frownin’ all week, try laughin’ for a while
sick of the same music, try changing the dial
hate being broke, try investin’ in your dreams
not feelin’ that, just sit and listen to me, baby
You can wait around
Go round and round
Same ol’ sound
Shake it up!
You can play it out
Take the same ol’ route
Same ol’ style
Shake it up!
Couldn’t keep up with the jones’ so I started my own race,
new attitude with a new pace
Replaced the silicon, it was too fake, money exchange,
tryin’ to change the rate
Tired of the merry go round, I’m off to swings
when I’m up high, I’m gonna jump to new things.
Old wrestler, the undertaker of re-players
Too fast, passed a tortoise like a hair
Pardon me sir, haven’t heard
Life’s a blur, Mr. bond had it all along, shaken not stirred
Even money-penny concurs
bump what you heard, Birds the word
and I just flew over the cuckoos nest
Nurse R with some pills to keep me mentally wrecked,
(they’re great, they’ll help you keep your wits up)
Bump that, I’m Jack, and I’m tryin’ to shake it on up
Shake it up
Shake it up
shake it up
here we go again
shake it baby
shake it baby
shake it baby
shake it baby
here we go again
here we go again
Shake it up!
here we go again
here we go again
here we go again
here we go again
Shake it baby
here we go again
here we go again
Track Name: Family ties (feat Drey)
You got my back right?
Ok, let’s go.
I could wish on a star
couldn’t go far acting like a rock star
This is more than I could ask for
some friends are thin, leave for the pool while you stuck in the den
I’m looking for win win, without my kin
this world full of sin, My odds are thin
moving solo like nomad in a mindless state
My fam is like Glad, stretch but don’t brake
I’m sharing the wealth too, give and take
high class, my fam is gourmet (whoa)
Words are easy, truth likes the page.
Their love is soothing, helps calm my rage
Without them would have failed in the young days.
Support you need when skies are gray.
Like a rat in a tunnel, guide through the maze
You can stay mad, but they’ll love you anyway

Oh, They hold me down
Oh, They make me smile
Oh, They got my back
It’s a link that last
Dream come true,
Oh, the things they do
Oh, The sacrifice
The ties that bind

Fact not fiction, not a stab in the night
Feel like doing wrong, invisible leash yanked tight
We all do wrong, I want the most to be right
When the room is pitch dark they’re my night light
Call me Gizmo, because I’m like Bright Light
not overbearing, Goldilocks, their just right
Stake my claim on my family rights

I’ll admit, not really close to some
Aunts and cousins I don’t even know
Barely remember their names, ashamed of myself
I should reach out, not sure if they’ll do the same
Forget it, I’ll use my music to bridge the gap
If you don’t understand me, this is how I get down jack
Hug me, judge me, I don’t really care
I’m putting my soul on the line, no lights or fanfare

You got my back right? . . .
Yeah, I know you would . . .
Always holding me down. I love you . . .
I got you too, don’t worry . . .

Sing it Drey!

Track Name: Am I the only one (feat Fisher Price and Drey)
Am I the only one that’s stands in a crowded room but still feels alone, mind consumed
Am I the only one that fights back tears just to show others that I’m not scared?
Am I the only one that buys useless crap but hates myself later when my bank accounts flat?
Are you feeling what I’m saying? , . . . . I guess it’s just me.

The fact of the matter is, can you relate?
This is not fiction, I really contemplate
Am I the only one that downloads music not legal, but now that I have my own album I want you paying with legal tender--for the center of life revolves around truth and lies
My demise on the thoughts I surmise, sins and evil that I hide

Am I the only one that wonders what politicians do behind close doors, and if they always told the truth, good or bad, would I trust them more?
Am I the only one that never has enough time in the day, and sets goals and then keeps pushing the start date?
Life is funny that way, I suppose
Like poker, sometimes you have to fold just to win gold
rearrange my mind, I’m always working mental overtime
Is it just me, did you follow that last line I scribed?
Girls and guys let’s take ride on the Green line
Destination, honesty of the world where truth hides
I’ll ask again, does anyone else wanna ride?
They wave bye
I guess its just me

Am I the only one that works so hard
Still fails, don’t wanna go on
Am I the only one that tries my best
feels like theres nothing left
Am I the only one that feels alone
In a world that’s so damn cold
Am I the only one that wants to see
A world without insanity

Here we go again..
to the start and we pick up a pen
write a rhyme like its signed then we a pick up a check
well I guess it depends if, you think we are the one for you
or just have the goal to collect
we well take both
so just follow us and maybe take notes and it’s not because we say so
but do you have a light that you have a day glow
I’m not gonna stay slow
I’m from a place where locals call it “Diego”
the sunny CA... then to OC
now we are chilling out where all the folks be
low key or the highs don’t matter how you do it
time to set the goal we gotta pursue it
and pursue it none the less
Time to live the life no matter the test.

Now that we got your attention did I forget to mention
we're crossing paths and intersections
we're built for taking the surest direction
what they calling set backs we’re gonna label as a blessing
please ... ain’t no messing with the views I have
and if I had a few listeners... wouldn’t feel that bad
so exactly what is it that you want to hear?
should I tell you that I’ll calm your fears..
or be the man to dry your tears
with these other dudes hollering yo I’ll be right here
with my feet planted where the light is clear
within a warfare where the fight is near
Yo the finest dear is what I see next to me
Hot spiritually and intellectually. How it has to be and ain’t no other way.
From the darkest nights and to the brightest days, Come on.
Track Name: Put your hands up (Remix)
JXD , you better roll your sleeves up for this one
Hold up young buck, pace yourself
slow your roll before hurt yourself, uh
Step back, take a sip on that crown and up
Listen to the bass, hear that kick drum thump
Now we got our mind right, the night is young, weekends just started baby, get your party on
Bells and whistles, man I’m wearing it, I got my twenty dollar shirt on and girls are still feeling it
Bartenders are pouring stiff, pretend I’m a baller and leave a big tip
this ain’t for critical masses, this is for the hip hop lovers, O Ten we coming at ya.
and if you can’t keep up with this, you’re out of shape, too late, you should have had a V8 instead of cake
Girls with the money makers show em how we get down, this is your time to shine tell your man buy another round

Me and my crew, watch how we do . . . put your hands up and follow me
Ladies and the Gents, trying to cop a ten . . . put your hands up and follow JXD
Girls and the G’s, pimps and the geeks . . . put your hands up and follow me
breakers and the thugs, time to cut it up. . . put your hands up and follow JXD

Check out we do, our flavor is high grade, we’re a 100 percent pure like a glass of minute maid
Sharp as a blade, cool hands like Luke
As real as it gets, check the Cert of proof
And if the DJ runs out of music don’t worry cous’
I’ll stretch the beat out like MR fantastic would
So let the music take ya, let it marinate ya, forget about the work bomb, let it detonate ya
And All you VIPS behind the velvet rope, get on the dance floor- kick it with “normies” have a rum and coke
See how we cope, laugh and joke
This ain’t random, this is music for you heart, mind and soul
So find that chump with his hands down, grab a sock, smack em like you Homie D. Clown
Tell em we don’t mess around, this is serious now, don’t put your hands down till you sleep laying down . . . .what


(Well now normally I don’t do this, but uh . . . go ahead and keep the party going)

J. J. J X D.
J. J. J X X D
Track Name: Like what (Remix-feat Drey)
Last week peeped this lady at Club Sevina
Her style, elegant like certified diva
Guys were flockin’, man, you should have seen her
Brushin’ dudes off like dirt at the cleaners
Walked up. No pitch, and definitely no lines,
bought her a drink, chatted, and swapped some smiles
Despite the connection wouldn’t put her shield down
Got bold, said I liked to take her for a night on the town
She flashed her lashes and looked me in my eyes
She said, What makes you different from these other guys?
Um . . .
This woman had me straight speechless
Had me feelin’ like nerdy kid with full braces
Regroup, time to step my Cali game up
I told her I don’t tell stories to try and boost my worth up
Wanna know why I’m different Miss let me take you out
Contemplated for a minute, finally gave the digits out

She had
Beautiful smile pretty face, . . . like what?
She had
Gorgeous eyes and a butt . . .like what?
She was
Confident, smart, oh my god . . .like what?
Her pumps matched the black Benz, kid . . . like what?
She had
Degrees and trophies all around . . like what?
Act a fool she’ll cut you off . . . like what?
Doubt her skills she doesn’t give a . . . what?
Lady is amazing, man. . . like what?
Mirror Mirror on the wall
Who’s the gorgeous woman Greek goddess standin’ so tall
Attracting patrons like a new strip mall yall
She has GUYS runnin’ from the windows to the wall (to the window!)
Always lookin’ pretty but never “sadidy”
Hangin’ with the family she always represents me
Got her own car and has her own place
Super corporate woman, business minded everyday
Always a lady, but quick to act a bitch if the situation calls for it if ya catch my drift
Start talkin’ shit, she ain’t afraid to throw a fist to your bottom lip
Treat her like a queen she’ll love right back
She’ll work you in bed give ya a heart attack
Never kiss n tell, she’s a lady like that
start spreadin’ rumors and she’ll smack ya back to reality jack


My boys say I’m whipped, claim I’m on lock
I bump the naysayers, bunch a hatin’ cock blocks
I got a lady with booty like a tear drop
your lady got hers on sale from K-mart (haha)
Is my lady for real, can she really dance and sing?
Pinch me, tell me this ain’t another dream
Nope, its really real my homies and friends
she’s half woman and half amazing

Track Name: Off my chest
Check it out
I wanna get something off my chest

I’m solo on this track
No one on my six strapped to watch my back
Feelin’ like I got box full of fakes can’t hold em back
Shootin’ blanks like neutered cat
Uh huh, yeah
The metaphor I explore, is what holds my doubt
My internal conflict is what I’m speakin’ about
Wanna give up, throw up the white flag, but if I do, I know this man ain’t comin’ back
Indecision, I’m tearing apart, my souls flatlinin’ and insurance won’t cover the open heart
Fakers stop preaching on God, I see you in the devil's playground all day long
Oh well, pack my bags and my jewels, if you’re speak the truth, then I’ll see you in hell
Meantime, work the hot fields, endure the pain-stake
But can I keep fightin’ if I never taste the lemonade?

Hold on to my faith and friends
It’s struggle, but it ain’t the end
Talk about it, get it off my chest
Watch my spirits lift
Perspective , control my doubts
Find the light, breaks in the clouds
Shed the baggage, there we go
Get it off my chest, let it go

The more you struggle, the quicker ya sink
its quicksand baby, hold on to your dreams
I’m the mad hatter in this vision I see,
I’m caught in the wonderland lost sea
CSI couldn’t track me patrolling the beat
This ain’t allegory, its the mind of JXD
I hate, what this world has done to me
Mentally I’m a screwed up and crazy G
I’m a young black specimen: Fightin’ for the reckonin’
and every day I make it I’m pushing for the testament.
Systematic putting beats together, Music is the glue that holds me together
Shortage of real cats among fakes and frauds, can’t spot ‘em
princes made from frogs
No nonsense , I got goals to make.
I’m the notary man, I’m stampin’ the date

Track Name: Lions Den 2
Chapter 6. Recap.
They lock me in the eerie cave, calling me crazy deranged
Evil is as evil does, the cousin hate
They say my ideas are caustic and toxic
Call me the black plague, the new bubonic
hear the hungry growls in the dark. they’re out for meat and blood, feel their hunger permeate my heart
This ain’t for faint or squeamish, you better watch your back, violated, soul tainted, sneak attack
They’re moving in, teeth bared, saliva dripping while their eyes glare, blink? I wouldn’t dare
You’re outnumbered, fight back and you will get scratched
Better that than torn apart on your back
So I prepare myself, shuffle my feet and feel my fist engage--feel heartless rage
Suddenly their lips snap close like fly traps
They can’t even growl, caught in invisible mousetraps
I walk past the muzzled lions , see the sliver light escape
With all my strength I push the rock out away
I think it’s over but this is only a beginning.
I survive... only to meet another ending.

Take a deep breath. This might be the only break you get.

I retrieve my armor, my sword and shield, Collect my senses, and grip the cold steel.
They’re relentless, coming at me from the left and right, entering my depth of the field, I move in for the kill
Kick ‘em in the throat, slash to the back, blood on the sand, sweat in the palm of my hands
lungs are burning, heart pumping, about to have a heart attack, it’s kill or be killed, only time to react
The headmaster’s cracking is whip. Archers all around, horsemen devoted to the crown
I gotta thin the numbers, I set a trap. Force em into a crossfire, the stupid ones perished fast
It’s only me, the master, and his devotees
They’re cursing the name JXD. Sharpened swords, they wanna see me bleed
If not now, later in the guillotine
Another group throws a net over my head. I cut the braid while spears pierce my leg
I’m leaking bad. Onlookers stare and laugh while I bathe in my on blood bath
It wasn’t long ago when I was one of them, standing by while they watched my back, we were like kin
Now I’m all alone defending myself from constant attacks . . . my futures looking bleak

To be continued
Track Name: JXD-The last Mindbender-Book1
They say don’t knock something until you tried it,
They say don’t judge a book by the cover until you read the writing
This is M Night Shyamalan style, I’m gonna throw a twist at you for a while
Escape the gates, and drop the bridge, you can’t live a life that stagnant kids
I’m puttin’ my paddle up and throwin’ in my bid
Free world, free speech, the best in my opinion
They may not like what you have to say, or condemn you to hell for goin’ against the grain
But when it’s all said and over, they will respect honesty and hate the puppet pushover.
So stop rollin’ over like a dog named Rover, you can speak your mind without sounding like a ogre
Say what you have to say, open your mind and speak
This porridge is just right, sit down eat

I won’t condone, life as a drone
I’m like a child,
Man, I spit what’s on mind
I’m all alone, right or wrong
Censor me?
Man, I spit whats on my mind

I got the mind of Dexter, but instead of killin’ my escape is music and words written
One track minds is what I’m not feelin’, This is music for the healin’, Genesis, only the beginning
Follow the same path and meet the wrath
Close minded, see where that gets you, watch the movie crash
I equate the nonsense to an upward stock market, straight bull-ish, be your own judge, create your own docket
You see the difference between you and me, is that I already know I’m full blown crazy
My lil’ sis says I’m outta pocket but I don’t change my pace, I keep on walkin’, logical like Vulcan
I’m tryin’ to live prosperous while you stand their mockin’
Now you can head the warning or find out for yourself, but either way the choice is yours

Track Name: JXD-The last Mindbender-Book2
Think that homeless man is trapped, livin’ in a box
He’s more free than you with your mind on lock
You’re livin’ in black in white-the world gray
dashed with color and topped with cornucopia glaze
Extra scoop for your Plain Jane’s
step your game up like a Great Danes--switch lanes
People say you're insane in your membrane
until you get a million “Likes”
Then your a genius pioneer, that changed the game
Stop ridin’ the fame train
Switch to a bus or plane,
gain a new perspective, retrain your brain
it’s a lot easier to cope
grab your dreams, hold on tight, run away and elope,
Take Jay-Z or King James
music or b-ball is not where most of their wealth came
More money from ads, than rhymes or dunkin’ a ball for cheers and claps
Sellin’ your soul to join the money race
Instead, start an event with fanfare mate
Master your ambitions, release it from the iron gates
Then make others pay just to partake

Bank account low, I feelin’ the pinch
mindset Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich
You can call me conscious, a bulb with light-switch
Geek or nerd, I’m spittin’ these cool quips
FBI on watch, you can call me a G man
This is knowledge for free, keep the fee man
Stupid is as stupid does, we already know
but smarts is the wiser cous’ so watch how he do
You can’t just flip the script and leave it at that,
grab a pen, think about it, rewrite it on the back
you can solve your probs’ with a sword and “gat”
As long as you don’t mind living one eye on your back
It’s only me, the master, and his devotees
You could die tomorrow just like that
every flip of the coin is Vegas and craps
widen your view or destined for the trap
JXD, the magician, knowledge from the top hat
Track Name: Out of time
I gotta keep moving. Only a little time left.

Outta time, I need to put my life in check
Behind the eight ball and Ralph Greenleaf’s on deck.
gotta degree but still feel behind the curve
Cum-Laude on paper, but I think grades are absurd
Most would be asking, “what the heck? Gotta house, gotta car, gotta girl what next?”
I don’t mean disrespect for those less fortunate
but i think there’s something mentally wrong with me
My friend Ev with the pych’ degree
needs to eval’ me hastily
because not reaching my goals by 35 terrifies and frightens me
Don’t know why I feel this way, self made pressure-not sure, can’t really say
Maybe how I was raised as a kid-o
Maybe its Freudian and I can blame it on my id and ego
This is Winnebago, too big for me to grasp
Stay GMC, built to last, gotta keep moving, outrun the past, hurry, the sand in the hour glass is dropping fast

My mind is militant, I’m not the one
I’m a pycho with common sense, I’m kissin’ the sun
I’m a glutton for punishment, don’t wait for the gun
My attitude is diligence, run J run
If I was a billionaire I still don’t think I’d feel rich. don’t rush to judgment, bare with me kids.
I don’t think its about the money, because I could easily reach my goal, sell my soul, and come up with an illegal pyramid cash flow
Watch American Greed, and you’ll see what I mean
Makin’ money with consequences is easy
I think in my mind, if I don’t have a mountain to climb I feel like I’m wasting my time
This is why i stay on the grind, an 8 to 5 while doing my thing at night
I’m running a marathon, I’m under the lights
I’m pumping my arms trying to catch an invisible pack
I’ll keep running even if I have a heart attack
Inject me with adrenaline and I’ll bounce right back
Just keeping it real while you’re drinking Similac


You’re a jerk, you’re a dork, you’re a saint, a smart geek
All of that and more I embrace my inner freak
Took me Twenty years, to find the path to me, still searching
its the lost time that bothers me
Thankful that I didn’t wash it down with crown and jack
or slit my wrist, kick the chair out and end it fast
I gotta chance and plans to run my own huddle
taking skills from a short order cook and make it on the double
Study the chess knight, I’m trying to jump spaces avoiding the hard fight
reality settles in and I’m seeing the true light
Perseverance and hard work . . . thats the key right?
I can have faith in those words or make B line
Either way you cut it, I’m running outta time . . . I’m gone